For My Girls

     It is often that I thank the Lord for my husband.  I look at my blessing and I thank the Lord that he blessed me with a God-fearing husband that treats me like nothing less than a Queen.  I would be a fool to consider hubby less than anything but the King that he is.  As I think of this blessing, I also can't help but think of many ladies who are still praying for Mr. Wonderful.  From some of my closest gal pals to others, I often pray that they too will experience this type of love.  When I was a  singleton, I had a friend who prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed that God would send me a God-fearing husband.  Some twelve years later, he did (only on his time).  For those that I know who want the blessing of a God-fearing husband, I send up this prayer:

     Dear God,

     Today, I pray for those friends, family, and ladies in my life that have been praying for the blessing of a good husband.  I pray that you prepare them as well as their future spouses for the art of Holy Matrimony.  I pray that their hearts  will remain pure and healed from any hurts that may have happened along the way. I pray that they will completely forgive any and every perpertrator that has ever come to try to rob them of their innocence.   I pray that they will take out the time to seek you first in their decision making when it comes to giving certain people a piece of their precious time.  I pray that you will give them peace and contentment during this phase of life for in your word, it does command us to be content in whatever state we are in.  I pray that you will protect their minds, hearts,and bodies as they are being prepared for Matrimony.  I pray for physical purity during this time as it very hard not to give in to fleshly desires.  Lord, I pray that they will take this time to seek your face as this is the time of life where there is nothing standing in the way of complete devotion to  youI pray for complete discernment in their lives as well as the patience that is needed to go through the chiseling and grooming process.  Lord, I pray that they will see the beauty in holding themselves to a higher standard, knowing that pearls are not for pigs. Lord, I did not make all of the best decisions during my time as a singleton and you still saw fit to bless me.  I pray for the same grace on these ladies.  More than anything, I pray that these ladies will be at peace, filled with faith and hope, and know that this is ultimately for your glory.  To you we give all of the honor.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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