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Bonnets and Hair Scarfs, Oh My!

It is no secret that hair bonets and head scarfs are a staple in the African American community.  I was born and raised on the head scarf as were my ancestors, at least my grandmother was.  Much effort was put into illuminating the beauty that God placed on our heads, our hair, and much effort was put into maintaining it.  From that stinky smelling, thick, and messy hair grease to that hair scarf that would often slide off the hair like it was on a slippery slope,  we made many sacrifices to tend to our crown of glory.  So as an adult, I did what I was accustomed to and I carried on the tradition, I put my head scarf on my head as soon as I got home from whereever I may have been that day and kept it on until I left the house again.  As quickly as my shoes came off when I got home was how quickly that head wrap went on. So when I got married, I thought nothing of this "habit" that had been with me for as long as I can remember.

     Feeling myself getting "comfort…