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The Man In Our Lives

Of course, Mr. Awesome is the apple of my eye, and as much as I want to think that I am the only female in his life, I do have to share. :-). 

     Of course we cant forget momma, who held Mr. Awesome's heart before any of us came along.  However, I don't have a picture of just the two of them. 

Career, Family, or Both??

In a world where there is the attitude that a woman can "have it all", I feel like a bit of a dinosaur.   Yes, I once believed the "have it all" hype during a certain time in my life, but quickly realized that the God-given design for womanhood was different than the worldly definition.  Sure cooperate careers are nice, but are the overtime hours worth the time that you miss with your spouse?  Is being a woman who "has it all" leaving you with enough time to teach your children the ways of God?  Does being a single woman who "has it all" mean that you are properly prepared to be a helpmate?  As much as I feel fulfilled and productive in my career, my ministry as a wife is far more important to me.  I know that my place in the lives of my Bonus daughter and niece also has such a high calling that there is not enough money to be made to buy all of the material "stuff" that they could desire while leaving them with nothing more than…

Birthday Reflections

It is birthday season around our home.  Three of us share the month of October for our birthdays, so needless to say that it is a busy (and expensive) month.  Of course, I had the pleasure of starting the season off and I must say that it was a blessed day. There were plenty of Happy Birthday greetings, breakfast in bed, lovely presents, and a trip to my favorite restaurant, Cheesecake Factory, with my hubby and some good friends.  I felt blessed through out the day, but I also used the day to reflect on the many ways that I have been truly blessed throughout my years of life.  God has given me so much ranging from salvation to my health and strength to my wonderful hubby. As I reflect on those things, I can't help but wonder if I am doing enough with my blessings.  Am I giving enough in a way that is pleasing to God?  Am I reaching out to the hurting and the lost in a way that is pleasing to God?  Am I living a life as a "living sacrifice" as God would have me to …