Thursday, May 18, 2017

Picture Perfect


     I was reflecting the other day about the many blessings in my life and how this picture alone says much about some of these blessings.  This picture reveals some of the abundance that God has poured into my life.  With all of the beautiful green grass and tress in the background, my loving husband that has always supported me standing beside me, and our bundle of joy that we are in love with, many may assume that things are perfect.  Although this picture gleams of that notion, there are some things that are not shown in this photo.  Yes the grass and trees are a reflection of the beautiful Spring time, yet someone had to mow and care for it to make this picture colorful.  Yes, my wonderful husband is standing beside me supporting me on this joyous occasion, but there have been times that he had to exercise extra patience and love to deal with some of my moodiness. There have been times when my own smile was not there for him because he was testing my patience.  Yes, I am rocking the Cap & Gown after receiving my Master's Degree, but many people have no idea that this journey started exactly twenty years ago.  This picture does not show the many tears and times that I felt like giving up on my journey to graduation.  This picture does not show the times that I was discouraged by outsiders to forfeit my goal.  This picture also does not show a wife caring for her family and delivering our newborn in between classes while typing papers.  This picture does show our special addition to our family, our precious baby girl.  Yet, this picture does not show the years of heartbreak behind two miscarriages, a failed adoption, and the final surrender before we conceived again.  Although those things aren't shown in the photo, it is those things that I am most grateful to God for.  I do believe that God allowed me to conquer the ups and downs so that I can tell a testimony of his goodness.  I guess you can say that this is the Picture Perfect Testimony.  To God be the Glory!

They Want It All

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