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A Letter To Our Angel Baby

Dear Angel Baby:

     This has to be the hardest letter that I have written in my life. I know that it is because it has taken me so long to write it.  I remember getting the news that you were coming (although I had the feeling you were in there before I officially found out).  We were so happy, because it was something that we prayed for and something that I had waited for until I got married .  We were smiling from ear to ear and I was becoming amazed at the changes happening in my body that let me know that you were in the womb.  Although, I was not fully ready to expose your pending arrival yet, we decided to tell a few people and those people were beyond excited too.  We started thinking of how having you in our lives would bring joy (and sleepless nights) to our family.  I couldn't help but wonder whose nose you would have or whose eyes you would get.  I couldn't help but think of all of the cute little clothes that I would dress you up in and how all the grandmas woul…

Military Wife Life

I did not grow up in a military family, never had anyone in my family that was in the military, nor did I have neighbors who were in the military.  So my only real experience came from watching those who were in JROTC in high school or ROTC in college as well as listening to the stories of a friend who was married to a Sailor.  Outside of that, I never thought much of it.  I knew that the service men and women as well as their families made sacrifices, but I did not realize how much.  I remember seeing those stories on the news about the Sailor in uniform marching away from his family for months at a time as the family stayed behind trying to live as "normal" of a life as anyone else.  I can honestly say that although I had some sympathy, I did not have much because in my mind I reasoned that this was the life that they chose in the first place.

     Never did I imagine that I would fall in love with a man in uniform and become a part of a community that I once took fo…