Show Me The Money

     From the time before we said 'I Do', Mr. Awesome and I knew that when we chose to become "one flesh" that included our finances. Since finances are a huge part of life, what is the point of getting married and sharing everything except that, right? We began preparing for that in Premarital Counseling and started phasing some things in before the wedding. The process of consolidation has been fun, interesting, but not without its challenges as we try to merge two money systems. Being the computer expert that he is, Mr. Awesome had already constructed a clever financial spreadsheet on his computer that he had used for quite some time. However, I was accustomed to hand writing my financial decisions down on a pre-printed budget sheet with color coded ink pens (on sale, of course). When he looked at my color coded pens and I looked at that highly detailed spreadsheet on his computer, I don't think that we really believed that we were going to have to change those things when it was time to consolidate. Needless to say, my pens are now in the desk drawer unused and his spreadsheet has taken on a different format that he says is difficult to read. Personally, I like the new spreadsheet and I am sure that he is thrilled not to have to see a bright orange or fuschia colored ink pen.
      One thing that has made consolidation a bit easier is that neither of us came into this with much debt, having only mortgage and a student loan. We both have roughly the same goals, but the biggest dilemma is agreeing on the path that we will take to get there. However, we do know that this is all a process and we are now in a financial class (by Dave Ramsey) to help us as we get it smoothed out. One thing I can say is that as we sat across from each other at the dining room table with exhausted looks in our eyes after trying to consolidate again, I am thankful to have a man who is willing to put in the work and has the character to make sure that we are in good financial shape as a family. Those are my desires as well.  Honestly, I thought that I had my finances in good shape before, but I am glad that Mr. Awesome has introduced me to new methods to make it even better. And I am introducing him to new methods, also (without using my bright orange or fuschia colored pens). :)


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    1. Lol. You are silly. Thanks for the comment babe.

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    1. Thanks. :-) Thanks to FPU, we got it together. Woohoo.


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