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A Love Worth Waiting For

There is the saying that "good things come to those that wait".  With most great things that I have experienced in my life, there was some waiting and preparation involved so that does not exclude the waiting process for Mr. Awesome to come into my life.  During my years as a single, there were so many times of uncertainty, frustration, and extreme disappointment.  I was fighting and fighting and fighting to understand love, but ended up bruised and confused. I felt that finding love just should not be that hard, because isn't that a quest that we are all after?  However, after much reflection, I am glad that I went through the period of waiting and preparation, because I ultimately learned to put some priorities in order which included loving God first and loving myself.  If Mr. Awesome and I had come into each others lives prior to when we did, then we would not have been as prepared for each other as we were.  I would not have been willing to love and respect hi…

Mother In Law Or Mother Out law???

We have all heard the stories of the infamous Mother in-law.  She is usually the opinionated one who has no problem with letting her son in-law know that no matter how well he cares for her daughter, he will always have to prove himself worthy to sit at the dinner table. In other cases, she is the one who does not mind "helping" her daughter in-law by giving her unwanted tips on cleaning house the "right and proper" way, making meals the "right and proper" way, and caring for the family as only momma in-law can.  There are so many couples who deal with the foolishness that is called the Mother outlaw and some families have been broken because of the strain that this causes.  I was "fortunate" enough to have witnessed in-law crisis in my family as a child and prayed that when I got married, that it would be a more pleasant relationship. So when someone recently asked me if I had     in-laws or outlaws, I was glad to say that I have in-laws.