Mother In Law Or Mother Out law???

     We have all heard the stories of the infamous Mother in-law.  She is usually the opinionated one who has no problem with letting her son in-law know that no matter how well he cares for her daughter, he will always have to prove himself worthy to sit at the dinner table. In other cases, she is the one who does not mind "helping" her daughter in-law by giving her unwanted tips on cleaning house the "right and proper" way, making meals the "right and proper" way, and caring for the family as only momma in-law can.  There are so many couples who deal with the foolishness that is called the Mother outlaw and some families have been broken because of the strain that this causes.  I was "fortunate" enough to have witnessed in-law crisis in my family as a child and prayed that when I got married, that it would be a more pleasant relationship. So when someone recently asked me if I had     in-laws or outlaws, I was glad to say that I have in-laws.

     When Mr. Awesome and I were getting serious and it was time to meet each other's parents, I must say that I was shaking in my boots at the thought of how the initial meetings would turn out.  When it was time to meet his mom, I wondered if I would be greeted by a blue-haired lady who would try to serve me a special concoction of "happy" juice that she brewed in her basement.  I wondered if she would give me a first glance and decide that I was not right for her son based on the shoes that I was wearing that day.  As the time got closer, I became more and more nervous as I did not know what to expect.  But I was thoroughly elated when I was received with open arms.  I must say that we got off to a great start and our relationship has grown nicely. And today, I can confidently say that I have a great, supportive, and loving mom in-law.  In fact, I have two which means I am doubly blessed.  With the love of my own mother and the love of two mom in-laws, I have more than I asked for.


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