That Time Of Year !!!

    Yes, it is that time of year when families are making plans for the holidays and pulling out family recipes to begin preparing for the many feasts that are coming up for the holidays.  In our household, it begins a bit early.  Although we have not established our family holiday traditions yet, one thing is clear,  our holiday season begins with birthdays.  Yes, all three of us share the same birthday month and I get the honors of starting off the celebrations.  Being the travel nut that I have become over the last several years, Mr. Awesome drove us to Washington, D.C. to enjoy a weekend that included a nice visit to a Jazz spot.  I must say that it made me smile when we visited, not only at the good time that we had but at the fact that it was here that we officially became a couple.  We even had the pleasure of visiting his former chief (now Senior Chief)  who was gracious enough to let us stay in her home during our initial visit.  Mr. Awesome made it a very nice birthday celebration to start things off.

     It was on yesterday that we celebrated my Bonus Daughter's birthday with a sleepover for some of her friends.  Hearing the young ladies laugh and giggle the whole time reminded me of my time as a teenager with friends over.  Now,  the finale is with Mr. Awesome's celebration that is shortly coming up.  I will not indulge into the details of his celebrations as of yet, because I don't want him to fully know what we have cooked up, but it shall be nice.

    Although having birthdays so close together (including many extended family members) makes things a little hectic, it is great to be able to spend a special time with those that you love.  Let the holidays begin!! 



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