Whose Turn Is It To Fold The Laundry??!!


     With marriage comes so many special moments.  There are those sweet moments when you are enjoying each other's company during Date Night.  There are the special times when you look into each other's eyes and don't need to say a word because you know what the other person is thinking. There are the cute moments when you call your spouse on the phone just to hear their voice. There are the special times when you get excited to hear their key turn the lock in the door as they come home from work........... And then, there are those times when someone needs to make a decision about who is going to finally fold that pile of laundry that has been sitting in the same pile for three days.

     As much  as I take pride in keeping things tidy around the house, folding laundry more than once or twice a week is not nearly as high on my priority list as much as the dishes or other chores are.  Mr. Awesome, on the other hand, seems to stay away from the dishes like the plague, but will win the race when it comes to getting clothes in the washing machine.  This leaves me wondering why would anyone need to do that many loads of laundry in one week when you can do it all on one day and it leaves him looking at me funny when I watch him skate around the dishes.  Although, it is not the most fun part of coming together, household chore sharing involves necessary compromises.  Is it anything that causes a serious debate? Absolutely not, but it does cause some frustrations. Coming from two different backgrounds of household chore sharing, we are in the process of coming up with a plan that works for us as a family.  And as I type this post, Mr. Awesome arrives in the room with an arm full of laundry to let me know that it is my turn again and I am looking for him to wash the breakfast dishes. :-)    


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