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If It's Ain' Broke, Why Fix It? Part II

Continuing from the post last week, I felt it necessary to elaborate on the reasons why being content with co-habitation without marrying is not a good idea. 

False sense of commitment.   When there is co-habitation there is the fallacy  that it is just like
         being married.  However, with this notion that no matter how
         much time you invest, emotions that you tie into, or finances that you entangle, you can always
         walk away from the situation if the partner simply sneezes the wrong way.  This notion sets the
         partners up for a selfish type of love that only seeks to serve the interests of each individual
         person and not the partnership as a whole.  With marriage vows, you are already making the
         commitment to weather the storms of life and the  good times as well as to stay with the  
         person even if they sneeze too loudly.

Example for the children.  Many people don't really think about the example that they are set…

If It Aint Broke, Why Fix It? (Part I)

Recently, one of Mr. Awesome's co-workers needed to stop by our home for a quick visit. As he sat down he seemed nervous while looking around at the walls in our home. I asked him what was wrong in which he replied that he did not want to do something that my husband was trying to convince him to do. After more probing, I found out that he did not want to have the types of pictures hanging on his home walls that looked like the pictures hanging on ours, wedding pictures. Of course, I had to keep probing and found out that he had a live-in girlfriend, but did not see the need to make the full commitment.  Yeah, they are sharing bills, food, children, and might I assume the bed, but according to him there is no need to marry. Although they have not lived together for too long, they have been together for three years and his reasoning for not wanting to jump the broom was that he felt that he was happy with the arrangement as it is. "If it ain't broke, don't …