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Show Me The Money

From the time before we said 'I Do', Mr. Awesome and I knew that when we chose to become "one flesh" that included our finances. Since finances are a huge part of life, what is the point of getting married and sharing everything except that, right? We began preparing for that in Premarital Counseling and started phasing some things in before the wedding. The process of consolidation has been fun, interesting, but not without its challenges as we try to merge two money systems. Being the computer expert that he is, Mr. Awesome had already constructed a clever financial spreadsheet on his computer that he had used for quite some time. However, I was accustomed to hand writing my financial decisions down on a pre-printed budget sheet with color coded ink pens (on sale, of course). When he looked at my color coded pens and I looked at that highly detailed spreadsheet on his computer, I don't think that we really believed that we were going to have to change…

Dating or Courtship?

In the last post, Our Story,  an almost obsolete concept was introduced as I referred to how Mr. Awesome and I officially started our relationship. Courtship.  He asked me if he could go into courtship with me and I gladly agreed. Yes, it does sound like something from the 1950's and our society has gradually pulled away from the concept in favor of dating, but it was very beneficial in that we got to know each other on a deeper level without certain distractions that come with regular dating. Now, I will not claim that neither of us has never experienced dating before, because we have, but the courting aspect was so much more beneficial when it came to us and I am very happy that we did it that way.

*Dating:  an engagement to go out socially with another person; often out of romantic interest.
*Courting: to try to gain the love or affections of; especially to seek to marry

     Much like courting,  dating begins with the act of socializing and learning another person in a wa…

Our Story

Our story is one that I love to tell, because it happened in a way that neither Mr. Awesome nor I could have made happen on our own, especially considering that we were over 1300 miles apart. It was during our wedding that I realized quite a few of the people there did not know how we met or even came together.  Maybe some of those people were just there for the food anyway. :) Since ours is a unique story we would like to share it, here it is:

   It was in third grade that Corey and I shared Mrs. Johnson's class together at East Chattanooga Elementary. Our encounter was nothing more than that of classmates and our promotion to the next grade level sent us into two different schools for the next five years. After that, irony would have it that I went to high school out of my district and it was there that we met back up.  Our friendship grew over those next four years and we shared laughs thanks to Corey's comedy relief until graduation sent us, yet again, into two differ…