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Reflections of Mother's Day!!

As Mother's Day has just passed, I must write some reflections about the day that celebrates the phenomenal woman who goes through and sacrifices so much so that her offspring may feel the undeniable love that is within her.  I look back on the day that many used to express their gratitude for and to celebrate this great woman and I can't help but be thankful that I did have that mother growing up.  I also grew up with grandmothers and aunts who were a part of that village that is needed to raise a child.  Now, I also have two great mother-in-laws who have done nothing but take me into their arms as if I was their own daughter.  For these people, I tried to make sure that they felt our appreciation for their love and sacrifices throughout the years.  For all of the mothers who work so hard to raise their children, I wanted to celebrate them.  However, when it came to me celebrating this holiday, I felt so far from deserving of this honor that I was trying to think of eve…