Monday, September 10, 2012

Our One Year Anniversary !!!

     It is official. We have been married a whole year!!! Glory to God for pouring his grace and favor out onto us.  As we come from our celebration on a cruise to the Bahamas, I can't help but smile when I reflect on our first year of marriage.  I woke up the other morning before Mr. Awesome and I looked at him sleeping and I smiled with the same fondness in my heart that I had the very first time that we shared our bed. I couldn't help but be thankful for the man that I have married.  With him I am constantly reminded of answered prayers and the fact that I've been blessed with someone who is so careful with my heart. 

     This year has been full of laughs, smiles, some frustrations, some adjustments, and some cries. We have experienced many loving feelings and some feelings of aggravation with each other.  We have experienced triumphs and some disappointments, but I must say that it has been a fun ride. It was no where close to being a perfect ride, but a fun one.  I have learned a lot (See Here ) and have gained more maturity in certain areas. As I think of the song that I walked down the aisle to on our wedding day, Golden by Chrisette Michelle, I can't help but think of how I would do it all again.  As we enter into our second year of marriage I say "I Do" again to the man who is the provider, protector, priest, lover, and wonderful companion whom my heart fully loves. With this, I send up a special prayer as we continue our journey:

                         Heavenly father:
                         It is with sincere thanksgiving that our marriage is lifted to you, because
                         it is through you that we are together.  I thank you for my husband, our
                         relationship, and marriage and pray that you get all of the glory from it.
                         I thank you for blessing us to reach our first year of marital bliss and for
                         keeping us through this year. Thank you for your continuous grace.
                         I pray for my husband as he follows your commands concerning being
                         a husband and that he will do it all to your glory.
                         I pray for myself as I follow your commands concerning being a wife
                         and it is my prayer that I be the helper that my husband needs and that I
                         will have a heart of submission even on the days that it may be challenging.
                         I pray for our household that it will continue to reflect your presence and
                         that we will be an example to others. Continue to keep our hearts and minds
                         steadfast on you as we enter into this second year of marriage. I pray for
                         strength and wisdom for us to take on what may come during this time.
                         I pray that our love and bond will get even stronger as time goes on.
                        Thank you for your continued love and protection.  We thank you and give
                         you glory. In Jesus name. Amen

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