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For My Girls

It is often that I thank the Lord for my husband.  I look at my blessing and I thank the Lord that he blessed me with a God-fearing husband that treats me like nothing less than a Queen.  I would be a fool to consider hubby less than anything but the King that he is.  As I think of this blessing, I also can't help but think of many ladies who are still praying for Mr. Wonderful.  From some of my closest gal pals to others, I often pray that they too will experience this type of love.  When I was a  singleton, I had a friend who prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed that God would send me a God-fearing husband.  Some twelve years later, he did (only on his time).  For those that I know who want the blessing of a God-fearing husband, I send up this prayer:

  Dear God,

     Today, I pray for those friends, family, and ladies in my life that have been praying for the blessing of a good husband.  I pray that you prepare them as well as their future spouses for the art …