Valentine's Day Love Letter To Hubby

Dearest Mr. Awesome:

     Who would have known in high school that I would call you my hubby someday?  Who would have believed that the quiet girl and the comedian would get together and make such a great connection? Thank God for his awesome power and I am glad that he brought us together.  My life was great before but I did not know how much I needed you in it until you came back into it.  I didn't know how much I was missing until you came through the door and now I don't know how I would do without you. The way you inspire me, desire me, protect me, connect with me has touched my soul in a way that is hard to describe. Your support and your laughter are things that has helped me to get through some of life's challenges. Your diligence and strong character makes me feel safe knowing that you have my back. The way that you show chivalry shames even some of the most seasoned "gentlemen" but let's me know that being a lady is still desirable. The way that you rise morning after morning to make sure that we are provided for is one of the many things that gives me a sense of security and makes me proud to say that my man is taking care of business. Your selflessness is something that I admire and it inspires me to become more that way. Your playfulness and ability to make me (and others) laugh is one of the reasons that many notice that I smile more these days.  I love knowing that I have someone so awesome to go through life's hills and valleys with. There are so many more reasons why having you in my life touches me, but for now I am just glad to call you my confidant, my love, my great lover ;-), my protector,  my friend, my husband. I love you more than I can express, I need you,  and I thank God for you. Happy Valentine's Day, Honey!!!

Love Always,



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