The Big Dog Of The House

     A couple of years ago, I brought home the cutest ten week old, soft, cuddly, black and white miniature Schnauzer puppy. Outside of the potty training phase and the loss of some chewed up flip flop shoes that I loved, he was a joy to have around and started showing dominance as the "male" of the house, so I named him Prince. If anyone knocked at the door, I did not have to worry, because he was going to let me know and warn the person on the other end that he was there and was ready to protect the house with all ten pounds of his being. He became territorial and had to give people that visited a seal of approval which did not happen that often and at that point I would put him in his kennel to keep him from barking. When he met Mr. Awesome, he immediately put down his guard dog stance as if to say that this person is good people. I had never seen him act so calm as he took to Mr. Awesome very quickly. However, as our courtship progressed, Prince started showing signs of doggy jealousy when Mr. Awesome would come around as if his position was threatened. What position, Prince? You are a puppy.
     Now, that Mr. Awesome and I are married, Prince has calmed down a little, but still barks at hubby when he comes down the stairs, or talks, or moves. OK, maybe he needs a little more work, but as soon as hubby pulls out a treat, he instantly becomes best friends with him again. That is until he has finished eating the treat. Hubby doesn't believe that the doggy likes him, but I am convinced that he does and as time goes and more treats come out he will be his best friend again. :-)


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