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Letting Yourself Go

During the time that Mr. Awesome and I were engaged, someone said something to me that I thought was interesting.  I was wearing a pair of grey colored, suede, high-heeled boots that I really liked and this individual looked over to me and asked me why I was wearing the boots.  Her response to asking that question was that she felt  I shouldn't be wearing those types of shoes due to the fact that I was no longer on the market.  I found this baffling and wondered why she felt that I needed to change my style of shoes, let alone style of dress, just because I was getting married.  Does the fact that I was going to be walking down the aisle mean that I needed to switch my appearance to a more frumpy look?

     Unfortunately, she was not the only one who tried to push that mindset onto me.  I have heard different things suggesting the fact that since I am married now, it no longer matters how I look or keep myself.  I could not disagree more.  I do not consider myself a fashioni…

Rest and Reflection

When I married Mr. Awesome, I became an instant mother to my Bonus Daughter. Within a year we gained custody of our niece who was coming from an "interesting" situation.  Needless to say, children was always a factor within our relationship. As glad as I am to be able to be a mother figure to these two young girls, I can't deny the fact that it has been very difficult trying to adjust to it all. As it is with parenting, there have been good moments and there have been times when I felt a need to temporarily escape the responsibilities of it. And just recently, I had been feeling overwhelmed.  My Mother-in-Law requested to have her grandchildren visit for a portion of the summer and I was happy and relieved for a couple of reasons. It gave the children a chance to visit with their "Amma" and it gave Mr. Awesome and I some special connection time with each other. I must say that the time that we spent was very special and it gave me a chance …