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Rest and Reflection

     When I married Mr. Awesome, I became an instant mother to my Bonus Daughter. Within a year we gained custody of our niece who was coming from an "interesting" situation.  Needless to say, children was always a factor within our relationship. As glad as I am to be able to be a mother figure to these two young girls, I can't deny the fact that it has been very difficult trying to adjust to it all. As it is with parenting, there have been good moments and there have been times when I felt a need to temporarily escape the responsibilities of it. And just recently, I had been feeling overwhelmed.  My Mother-in-Law requested to have her grandchildren visit for a portion of the summer and I was happy and relieved for a couple of reasons. It gave the children a chance to visit with their "Amma" and it gave Mr. Awesome and I some special connection time with each other. I must say that the time that we spent was very special and it gave me a chance to unwind from all of the adjustments that were happening. I was able to turn off the great balancing wheel and focus solely on our relationship. Although Mr. Awesome and I make sure that we have time to connect and have "couple only" time, this was a refreshing version of  long date night. 

     With this time, I was able to rediscover some things.  I was able to rediscover the art of just being, just being a wife.  It was nice to be able to lavish undivided attention on my husband, as he did with me.  It was nice being able to just be in each other's presence while feeling those butterflies that were felt during our courtship.  It was so nice looking at the man that I married nearly two years ago while falling even more deeply in love with him.  It was so nice to be able to act like a pair of lovers without any care in the world. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Although it was a few weeks, I am so thankful for that much needed time.  Don't get me wrong, as we were basking in the "just us" time, I did miss the girls and my heart melted every time I would talk to them over the phone.  Now that they are home, I am glad that they are back.  However, I am even more glad that there was that time to rest and be rejuvenated, because I am able to be a more patient and loving parent to them. It's a good thing, because cheer season is back in full swing.  Let's Go Hornets!!  



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