Letting Yourself Go

     During the time that Mr. Awesome and I were engaged, someone said something to me that I thought was interesting.  I was wearing a pair of grey colored, suede, high-heeled boots that I really liked and this individual looked over to me and asked me why I was wearing the boots.  Her response to asking that question was that she felt  I shouldn't be wearing those types of shoes due to the fact that I was no longer on the market.  I found this baffling and wondered why she felt that I needed to change my style of shoes, let alone style of dress, just because I was getting married.  Does the fact that I was going to be walking down the aisle mean that I needed to switch my appearance to a more frumpy look?

     Unfortunately, she was not the only one who tried to push that mindset onto me.  I have heard different things suggesting the fact that since I am married now, it no longer matters how I look or keep myself.  I could not disagree more.  I do not consider myself a fashionista, but I do have a healthy sense of how I keep my appearance, for myself and for my husband.     The way that I put effort into keeping myself up before marriage should be the same amount of effort  that I put in after the wedding vows.  Now, I must admit that the hustle and bustle of daily tasks (especially with the children) has made it a bit more difficult to keep things up and I can now understand how some wives and mothers do find it easier just to throw on a pair of sweats.  However,  does that give us a right to let things go?  I have re-prioritized a few things so that I can continue to take care of things the way that I did prior to the I Do.  I know that there are many wives who feel that once the ring goes on, the husband should accept (without question) the scraggly robe with the hole in it and the granny panties that cover the entire back, but is that right?  Just as we want him to continue to do the things that he did to attract us, we should be willing to do the same.  Now am I saying that we should not be comfortable in our own home?  No, but we can still be comfortable while adding a nice attractive flair to it.  Don't our husband's deserve that?  Yes, sometimes I do not get out of my workout clothes before Mr. Awesome comes home and sometimes my hair is "in progress", but I do try to  give him a pleasing site when he comes through the door.    Sometimes, the schedule gets full and it is not always easy, but I feel that investing in myself is beneficial.....................  On the flip side , I have never experienced how it is to try to keep from letting yourself go when there is a little one who constantly showers you with every body fluid possible and robs you of a personal nap.  Hhhhhmmm.



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