It's Our Anniversary !!

    It is hard to believe that just two years ago, Mr. Awesome and I were exchanging vows.  It has been a very exciting, uncertain, blissful, stressful, and overall blessed time.  On the day that we were married, I could not imagine my heart being more full of love, but it is.  Last year we took a cruise to celebrate our first year anniversary and this year we took a trip back to Washington, D.C. where it "officially" began for us.  There we stayed for a couple of days and had dinner at the place that we had our first date, Georgia Browns.   Take a brief look at our trip.

Mr. Awesome is doing all of the driving as he usually does ;-).

Going into our hotel room
Wow, a jacuzzi!!  However, the jacuzzi experience was not nearly as romantic as it appears to be in the movies.  It was not what we thought.

Just Being Silly
We found this place and fell in love with the food.  They have a lot of fresh foods that are actually healthy.


Mr. Awesome had the Chicken Pita and Potato Salad
This was my first time trying a salad with Tabouli in it.  It was so yummy that I ordered it again the next day.
In May of 2010, we had our first date here and had to come back to relive the experience.
Before our feast.


He practically ordered the same meal that he did during our first time here.
And so did I ;-).

This is one of the sights that we saw near all of the monuments.  I couldn't get good pictures because we were not walking.



My homemade Edible Arrangements.  I think that I will just order one the next time, LOL.









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