2nd Anniversary Reflections

   As Mr. Awesome and I recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary of wedded bliss, I could not help but to reflect on the things that I have learned and the ways that I have grown through our 2nd year.  Two simple terms that I used to describe our first year was "love" and "adjustment" and I must say that it has been no different for the 2nd year.  The following is a sum of how I have developed as a wife and mother figure.
Love.  With each day, I have fallen more and more in love with Mr. Awesome.  I am so thankful
    for the person that he is and the leader that he is for our family.
* God's Plans. The biggest lesson that I learned during our 2nd year is that we can make all of the
      plans that we want to, but it is God's plans that prevail and we must leave our hearts open to
      the assignments that he gives us. This has been the biggest struggle for me as it has shown me
      that I have not fully turned my plans over to God.
Delegation.   As the lady of the house, the self-inflicted feeling that I needed to wear the big red 
     "S" on my chest was making me feel that I needed to take care of all 2600 sq ft of our living 
     space.  I was blessed to receive some much needed advice from 2 fellow wives/mothers who let
     me know that I needed to delegate some chores and house details to the ones in our home who will
     one day be wives and mothers themselves.
* Letting go of the minor details.  Naturally I am what my husband calls a passive Type A
     personality and I thrive on details and my schedule calendar.  Being married and raising my
     Bonus daughter and niece has helped me to realize that although it is very important to keep a
     prompt schedule and pay attention to details, it is also important to live in the moment.  I have to
     relax a little more and not worry as much about the small stuff.
* The Capacity To Love.  When we added our niece onto the equation at a time where I was still 
     trying to get a handle on mothering, I was not sure if I had what it would take to love another
     child while I was still learning to love my Bonus daughter, but God put in my heart what I

    Although this list is not all emcompassing, these are some of the major things that I have learned.  I am thankful for our two years of wedded bliss and I look forward to our 3rd year and all that it has in store. Although we are not perfect, it is important to realize that marriage is made up two imperfect people and a perfect God.


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