Career, Family, or Both??

     In a world where there is the attitude that a woman can "have it all", I feel like a bit of a dinosaur.   Yes,  I once believed the "have it all" hype during a certain time in my life, but quickly realized that the God-given design for womanhood was different than the worldly definition.  Sure cooperate careers are nice, but are the overtime hours worth the time that you miss with your spouse?  Is being a woman who "has it all" leaving you with enough time to teach your children the ways of God?  Does being a single woman who "has it all" mean that you are properly prepared to be a helpmate?  As much as I feel fulfilled and productive in my career, my ministry as a wife is far more important to me.  I know that my place in the lives of my Bonus daughter and niece also has such a high calling that there is not enough money to be made to buy all of the material "stuff" that they could desire while leaving them with nothing more than a materialistic pacifier. 

    A lot of times at work, I get questioned as to why I only work part time.  Some of the times, I don't feel up to explaining, but other times I use it as an opportunity for enlightenment.  For me, I would much rather have more time at home to do those things that are important for a Christain home life.  I want to have more time to serve my husband and to be there for my bonus daughter and niece. Yes, it sounds old fashioned and like a notion that is against the American dream, but I know that in the end, what I do for my family will matter more. Yes, the money that I have been blessed to make outside the home is nice, but what does it matter if I see my co-workers more than my family? What does it matter if my family gets less of my talents than those that I share no relationship with? At the end of my explanation, I usually get a blank stare and then I hear, "Wow, I wish that I could do that."


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