It's Our 3rd Anniversary !!

     To God Be The Glory!!  We are at our 3rd year mark (Sept 3rd) and will be on our celebratory trip soon!  Time sure does pass quickly when you are having fun (and doing the daily grind that is called Life).  I must say that  if I must use a single word to describe this year, it would be hard to choose just one.  As with any relationship, there have been days when each of our little quirks really rattles the other person's nerves, but the blissful days definitely outweighed those days.  I look back on this past year and I am overcome with thankfulness to God that after many years of prayer, he blessed me with such a God-fearing, loving, patient, funny husband.   Through the things that we have been through that have tested us, he has always been my number one source of support and I am grateful for that.  One day recently, Mr. Awesome said that when he married me, he married up.  I had to let him know that he wasn't the only one who married up, so did I...........  As we begin our next year of wedded bliss, I pray that God continues to allow us to get even closer and use our marriage as a witnessing tool for others. 



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