Motherhood, The Ultimate Career


   I never grew up imagining that I would start a family in the way that I have, but God has a reason for everything.  Although I haven't birthed any babies yet, I have been blessed to be the Bonus Mom to my Bonus Daughter and now {introducing} our niece is in our care.  I quickly went from 0 to 100 miles per hour in what feels like no time and I have found myself needing to catch my breath. Whew. The ride has been wonderful at times and overwhelmingly tough at others, but it is such a privilege to play such an important role. 

     Recently I have found myself reflecting on the calling of motherhood as I have gotten a deeper appreciation for this special role.  I have found myself reflecting on its underrated value as I think of the new found understanding that I have for the sacrifices that came from my own mother and mothers/mother figures around the world.  As some people say when they get wisdom, "I get it now".  In society, motherhood is not pictured as this glamorous career that leads to a corner office with  a view of downtown and access to the company's car, but as a menial role of simply being a maid, cook, cab driver, and live-in nurse to little ones at the monetary rate of Free per hour.  Obviously it is so much more involved than that, you are raising the next generation, after all.  To be a mother requires sacrifice and a lot of it and now I can appreciate my mother's sacrifices over the years.  I can appreciate all the things that she did to make sure that we had more than what we needed and how she put much effort into raising (along with my father) us and making a house into a home.  I can appreciate all of the effort that was put into the biblical rearing of my brother and I and now I find myself in this important role that I can truly appreciate better. My life up until I got married was filled with serving God, seeking and obtaining a degree, and starting a career that I really enjoyed.  Although that was one of the toughest things that I could have done that required much discipline and sacrifice, motherhood has surpassed that by far.  As much as I enjoy doing what I do in the career world,  I can definitely say that motherhood is the ultimate career.  I definitely give a bow to all ladies that navigate this role and all who want to navigate this role.  It is one of the toughest and most rewarding careers that can be done, but it is a God-honoring role.


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