It's The Little Moments

     Being married has brought about many blissful moments as well as those moments that we both look at each other with frustrations.  There are those moments where things run smoothly and there are those times when we need to stop in the moment to figure out why we can't seem to communicate the way that we are really trying to.  With all those varying moments, some of the moments that I cherish the most are the moments that seem so insignificant, the day-to-day moments.  Its those moments like the times that my stomach gets butterflies when he turns the front door knob when coming home from work.  Its those moments when we are walking around in a store playing around like some big kids.  Its those moments when we are sitting in the same room doing two separate things, while still enjoying being around each other.  It's those moments when we are sitting around watching a movie (or shall I say that he is watching the movie and I am sleeping).  It's those moments when we go walking in the evening for exercise while talking about nothing and everything at the same time.  It's those moments when Mr. Awesome fills up my gas tank, puts a chocolate on my pillow, plans a great date night, or completes a task on his 'Honey  Do' list.  It's also those moments when neither of us can see past those little things that aggravate us about the other person.  However, through all of the good and not so good moments, the big and the small moments, I couldn't think of a more awesome person to spend those moments with.  My Mr. Awesome.


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