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Special Gestures

          The first official thing that Mr. Awesome did to let me know that he was ready to take our friendship to the next level was to send flowers to my job.  I remember seeing the flowers for Valentine's Day and I became speechless. He made the nicest gesture of getting my favorite flowers {Tulips} sent to me.  It was the beginning of something special.  As time has gone on and we have just celebrated our third year of marriage, it would be easy to believe that there is no need to do these types of gestures anymore.  But as the saying goes, " you need to keep doing what you did to attract the love of your life even after you get them".  If I had to remind Mr. Awesome of that, this blog post would be different, but it isn't.  Over the course of our relationship, he has kept the flowers coming.  He still opens the door for me.  He still does all of those things that I found attractive in him in the beginning.  In fact, the other day he sent the Tulips in the picture to my job.  I was given many compliments and was asked many questions. "Is it your birthday?"  No, my birthday is in October.     " Are you mad at him?" No.  "Is everything OK?" Yes, these flowers are something that my hubby does on a regular basis. I thought that the questions were funny, but I couldn't help but to feel proud that my husband still goes through the process of showing me how much he loves me.  Although these gestures are not special for everyone, Mr. Awesome knows that they are special to me.  In no way do I take this for granted.  I am highly thankful for my husband and all of the ways that he shows his love for me.  More than that, I thank God for choosing to place us together as he did.   


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