Where Are The Titus 2 Ladies?

     Most of us know about the all virtuous Titus 2 woman that the bible speaks about.  She shows deep respect in her reverent behavior. She is not one who gossips about or slanders others.  She is not a drunkard. She is a teacher of good things and she trains the younger women how to love their husbands and children.  She teaches younger women to be self controlled and to be women of purity.  She admonishes the younger women to be keepers of the home, kind, and submissive to their husbands. Overall, she is a woman of grace and great wisdom who imparts that wisdom into the generation of ladies that are under her influence.  She is definitely someone to look up to as her role is so vitally important in our generation and generations to come.  But, where is this Titus 2 woman in this day and age?

     Growing up, I had my mother as the primary role model for womanhood.  She was a great homemaker and a good role model for being a keeper of the home.  Although things were not perfect, she did posses many of the great qualities that I would need to mimic in my adulthood.  However, when I became a young twenty-something adult, the level of guidance from her seemed to cease.   Now, I do realize that once you have raised your children, they should be adult enough to be able to make their own mistakes and decisions, but does that give a parent the privilege of keeping all of their wisdom nuggets to themselves?  In my mid-twenties, I had completed school, started a good career and could totally take care of myself (with the Lord, of course), but I still needed my mom to impart her many years of wisdom into me as I was going along this road of womanhood.  In a lot of ways, I was searching for the wisdom of an older woman who could teach me about the true ways of life because at this point I was making a lot of needless mistakes.  Sadly, I could not rely on my mother for this type of wisdom.  I began to pray for an older woman who could be those things that the Titus woman was.  And I was blessed with it in different forms.  This has been especially important now since I have been married.  God has put some great people into my life who have "been there and done that" and have imparted wisdom to someone who is striving to be a reverent, submissive wife, and keeper of the home.

     There are some great women who have so much wisdom to impart into the generations that are after them and  it would be a blessing to see an older wise lady take a young wife or young mom and put her under her wing and help guide her as she learns her roles.  It would be great for an older wise woman to share nuggets of wisdom with those of the next generation.  It would be a blessing to so many to receive the blessing of wisdom from those who have been there and have done that.  Unfortunately, a lot of the times I have seen (and have experienced) the older "wise" woman talking about and criticizing the young mom or wife instead of trying to help her.  How does this help the situation?

     Thank God for the women that the Lord has given me wisdom through.  I do hope and pray that with the experience that I do have and with the wisdom that I will gain,  I will not be afraid to share with and bless someone younger than myself who has yet to learn what I have been blessed to learn.  What is the point of wisdom when you can not share it with others?


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