Happy Mother's Day !!

     I must say that my reflection on Mother's Day is very different than last year.  As the Lord has been working on me, I had to think more specifically about what the day was about.  It is about the celebration of the woman or women who sacrifice so much so that children can become what God would have them to be. Although many people feel that birthing a child makes them a mother,  we know that is not always true.  The definition of a true mother is someone who cares for and nurtures the most delicate parts of the child that God has entrusted them to care for.  The true mother is the one who does the back breaking work of molding and developing the child into the type of person that God would have them to be.  As I look back on my life, I am so thankful that I have a mother who was always there in the trenches with me as I was growing up.  I am thankful for my grandmother who was there in my life.  I am thankful for all of the women that I have encountered who have had an influence on the type of person that I am today.  Looking at how I live my life today, I see a big piece of my mom, some of my grandmother, and portions of other women who have influenced me.  With the type of influences that I was blessed with growing up, I can only hope that I would have a big impact on those of the next generation that are within my realm of influence.


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