My First Trip To NYC!!

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     Those who know me, know that I have a special relationship with traveling.  I have always enjoyed traveling, but I especially love seeing other cultures even if the different culture is within these United States.  This past weekend, I had the pleasure of FINALLY visiting New York City for the first time and it was such a treat (especially since it was with NY natives).  These pictures give a peak at the enjoyment that I had on the trip.

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Mr. Awesome and I Standing In Front Of Madison Square Garden

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Being Silly In Front Of Madison Square Garden (Got to love the litter on the ground)


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My First Time Inside Of A Subway Station (Brooklyn Bound)

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Woohoo, Time Square!!

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 The 2013 New Year's Ball (I never knew that they kept it for the whole year)

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In Front Of Time's Square With My Honey

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With NYPD's Finest (To protect and serve tickets)
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      What the pictures didn't show:
               * My first subway ride experience with panhandlers and car hopping.
               * My small walk through Central Park.
               * My first experience with seeing someone hail a cab. :-)
               * My first view of the new WTC Tower and Statue of Liberty
     I really enjoyed my first experience in New York and would love to go back when we can stay overnight, but for now I was ecstatic to be a New Yorker for a day.


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