Family Vacation!!

      This year, we decided to take a family vacation to visit Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Orlando.  I hadn't been since I was a senior in high school, so this trip was a treat.  We went with some great friends and between the adults and the children, we had a blast.  One of the things that made this pricey trip become priceless was the look on the children's faces when we arrived (although the older ones found out before the trip) .  Take a glimpse at some of the things that we did.

Grabbing Snacks Before Heading To Magic Kingdom

Waiting At The Disney Bus Stop Before Heading To Magic Kingdom

They Are Already Feeling The Florida Heat As Soon As We Got In The Park

Our Niece Learning The Hokey Pokey (Or Is She Teaching Him?? :) )

Bonus Daughter Having A Chuckle While I Am Trying To Figure Out Why Dumbo Is Trying To Harm Us

All Smiles Before Going To Epcot

It Takes A Strong Person To Hold The Epcot Sphere Up

Good Times In Epcot

And Then The Flood Came

A "Move Set" At Hollywood Studios

It Looks Like A Real City Doesn't It? (At Hollywood Studios)

There were other places that we did visit that I did not capture with the lens, but the time that we had was very nice.  However, with all that we did and with all that we saw and experienced, I would have to say that my favorite spot was this private pool located right outside of the family room of the villa that we stayed in :-). 


  1. Nice! Glad you guys had a great time!

  2. Thank you dear Mekenna. I am glad that you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for reading.


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