What Does 'I Do' Really Mean??

     It was only a few months after our wedding day that one of my closest relatives asked me if Mr. Awesome and I were still married.  I was dumbfounded by that question and wondered why this person thought that we would not last up to our one year anniversary. I answered with a reassuring "Absolutely, I am still married. I Do means I Do".   As I thought more about that question, I realized that I couldn't be that offended by the question as the person who asked me had never been married and had unreasonable expectations for potential mates.  However, based on cultural standards, I know that he is not the only one who feels that way. Too many times we turn on television to see couples splitting and fighting over property that is apparently more important to them than the marriage.  I have even noticed billboard signs advertising divorce specials like it is a supermarket sale.  It is such a disgrace to see the newest trend of divorce parties.  It is sadly apparent that the sacredness of some marital vows is only as strong as the drink served at some wedding receptions; once the buzz wears off, then what?

     On our wedding day, I was so relaxed and calm as I said I Do to Mr. Awesome.  It was not only because I knew that Mr. Awesome is Mr God Sent, but because I had a peace knowing that God is with us. Even though there was a little comic relief when I said I Do at our wedding, I was serious in my heart.  With  I Do, I knew that everything and everyday would not always be delightful and rosey as it was on the day that we joined our lives together, but I Do know that God is able to get us through those not so nice days.  He already has.  When I made my promise to Mr. Awesome and God, I knew that Satan would throw many curve balls our way, because he hates marriage and he hates the fact that we try to keep our relationship God-centered, however, I Do know that God will give us the strength that we need to conquer those obstacles.  When I said I Do, I knew that there would be days that I would need the intervention of God to humble my heart when I find it challenging to be the wife that I need to be, but I Do know that God will work on my heart as he has done before. When I said I Do, I also knew that meant saying yes to the days when I look at my husband with starry eyes and to those days when we are rattling each other's nerves.  When I said I Do, I knew that meant that we would have lots of things to celebrate and lots of challenges to overcome as we have already experienced some of these things.  But one of the things that I Do means to me is the fact that I have a great husband who reminds me that he was serious about his I Do. I know that we have a lot more growing together and a lot more to experience as we live out our I Dobut with God we will be able to keep our covenant as sacred as the day that we entered into it. . . . . . . . . Stay tuned for Mr. Awesome's thoughts on I Do. ...............................................


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