Miss Independent

    Degree? Check....... Apartment on the lake in the city? Check....... Sports Coupe in the color that I wanted? Check....... Ability to take trips at the drop of a hat? Check.......Ability to take care of things for myself? Check....... Ability to supply my closet with shoes and purses on my own dime? Check....... Ability to change the oil in the car that I paid for? Well not quite, but I sure can pay someone to do it....... Yes, Miss Independent was in full swing and was looking cute while doing it. I had whole heartedly bought into the feminist notion that said that I can do it ALL by myself for myself.  However, there is one thing that I found out while being Miss Independent and that was that you end up just that, Independent. The fact of the matter is that Miss Independent is only cute on the outside, but on the inside there is a different story.  There was this constant struggle trying to figure out why I had all of this stuff in a lifestyle that many encouraged me to keep up, but felt a serious lack of balance.   Why did I only feel half-way content with being the sister-girl who is praised in many songs and is glorified in different secular sitcoms?  The fact of the matter is we have been given a skewed worldly standard to follow.  If we dare to be honest, the world is lying to many women about what a woman should be and the notion that you should be all things to yourself and prove that you can even perform a man's role better than he is just false. Now I am not saying that acquiring some formal education or being successful in the career world is not good , but it is unhealthy when we follow the need to reject our femininity to accomplish it.  When we examine the biblical role of womanhood, there is nothing there that says you are an entity unto yourself and it praises the woman who has learned how to be embrace her God given role without rejecting it as the world would have you to do.  

     On top of buying into the world's definition of womanhood, I let my fear of ending up in a dependent relationship like the one that I saw as a child cause me to turn against relying on someone. With this, I went overboard with my independence and went as far as to refuse to ask for help when I did not have much food during my college years. A few years before Mr. Awesome and I got together, I started going through a transformation when I realized that being Miss Independent was not God's design for womanhood.  Through a series of life's lesson's, Miss Independent was being challenged and I know at this time that God was preparing me for marriage.  As much as I had bought into the Miss Independent idea, I had to be honest about my desire for a Godly gentleman who knew how to lead, provide, and be the head of our home.  In order for me to get prepared, I needed to experience a few things that would help me to shed my flawed behaviors and thinking.  If I had married during the time that Miss Independent was in full swing, it would have been a disastrous situation . After a great deal of my transformation took place, that is when Mr. Awesome showed up. Although I was still accustomed to doing things on my own when he came around, I was very open to letting him be the man and be the great leader that God has called him to be.  I had learned to relax and let him take the lead and I am so glad that I had the time to go through the transformation that helped me to get to this point. Although there are times when the Miss will try to seep back in, I am so thankful to have a hubby who is patient through the remainder of the process. All I know is that the things that I could do as Miss Independent are nothing compared to what I can do with my wonderful hubby.


  1. This is very encouraging! I think our journeys are very similar :-) I love how Jesus is so faithful to snap us out of our skewed worldviews ever so gently ...so we can be prepared for where He is leading us! Very happy for you guys! God bless!

    1. Hey!! I am glad that this was encouraging and yes God is so awesome at helping us to overcome our skewed views. I would love to talk about our similar journeys. We should exchange numbers soon.


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