Monday, December 26, 2011

The Reason For The Season

     As a template for our first Christmas together, my hubby introduced the concept of taking the commercialism out of Christmas and celebrating it for its true meaining, the birth of Jesus.  This is nothing outlandish to me as we share the same belief on the subject.  Jesus is the reason for the season and although it is nice to give gifts to others during this holiday, a lot of the true meaning of giving has been lost to commercialism. Commercialism has convinced us that we need to spend money that we don't have in order to prove that we care for someone.  Commercialism says that we must stand in a long line, in the freezing cold for hours, just to scramble for one of a limited number of hot ticket items that will be on sale even after Christmas. Do we really need to be stressed out during a time that is supposed to be joyous? Is the celebration of Jesus' birth really a good time to concentrate on strengthening a struggling economy?

     There are many great aspects of the holiday season outside of the mall and that is what we were hoping to concentrate on and our first Christmas together was a reflection of that. Although it may take a couple of Christmas holidays to work out our new traditions, I am glad that most of our concentration was kept on the real reason for the celebration. Of course we had ham, turkey and all the trimmings {between the first holiday meal that I cooked and the dinner invitation that we recieved}, but the most important part was remembering Jesus on this day and all days and I was more than happy to celebrate it with my awesome hubby and new family.

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