Top 10 Things That I Learned From Deployment


     As is with military life, deployments are a part of the routine.  However, the Lord blessed Mr. Awesome and I to enjoy wedded bliss for three years before he had to go off and sail the horizons for 7 months.  As many spouses do, I had to put on my "big girl drawers" and get ready for the journey ahead.  As expected, the deployment stretched me in ways that I did not anticipate, but during the time that hubby was gone, I learned and grew a lot as a person.  Here are the top ten ways that I grew in the time that my hubby was gone.

1) My reliance on the Lord increased as it already does daily.
2) The great love that I had for my hubby grew exponentially.
3) I had to take out and dust off Ms. Independent a few times to get some business done that hubby would normally have been here to take care of.  However, it was not the same.
4) There are some really caring people in this world who understand the plight of military family sacrifices.
5)  The lawnmower and I do not (and will not) get along.  It is definitely not my favorite member of this family.
6) Raising a teenager "alone" is no walk in the park or on the beach ........ It's just not fun.  Lord, I learned a lot more about parenting during this time.
7) The stove/oven gets a much needed break during deployment, lol.  What choice of cereal do I want to eat?
8)  I was reminded of what Paul speaks of when he says that we can give undivided attention to God when we are not consumed with the cares of daily married life ( I Corinthians 7:33).
9) I learned how to be busy to help the time of deployment "pass quickly".
10) Mr. Awesome is such a great husband even on deployment.


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